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With ventriloquists getting to the top of so many of the talent shows on TV it has created a renewed interest in ventriloquism and ventriloquist puppets. I have been using ventriloquist puppets in our school presentations for over 20 years and it is always one of the most engaging parts of our show.

If you want your ventriloquist puppet to come to life practice in front of the mirror and then in front of friends keep the ventriloquist puppet animated and moving as if it is alive.

Get it to look at you when you are talking to it and to look at the audience when wanting a reaction. This may all seem obvious but to often you see a ventriloquist puppet looking lifeless as it is being held so practice making it look real.

Find a ventriloquist puppet that is engaging, we have many that can be used for ventriloquism at New Zealand Puppets and most important our puppets have a good and easy mouth movement allowing you to easily make the mouth work.
You can always add extras to give your puppet personality.

For example a pair of glasses, a bandanna or bow tie, a hat or hair accessory, add things that help make it more interesting and make your ventriloquist puppet more engaging.

Your ventriloquist puppet will take the attention off you when you are throwing your voice, the idea is the audience forgets about you and connects with the puppet character you have on your knee.

One last tip that helped me become a ventriloquist, when practicing I would put a pencil in my mouth and bite on it and begin talking. Then slowing slip the pencil out of your mouth and you will note the mouth will stay in the position if it begins to move place the pencil in again. Eventually your mouth will lock into this position without the pencil and your lips movement will be hardly noticeable.
Have fun!

Now go check out all the hand puppets in stock at and see if you can become the next ventriloquist.

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