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Here at New Zealand Hand Puppets we want you to get creative.

Are you an early childhood teacher looking to engage the children more easily or use a hand puppet to make a lesson more memorable? Maybe you help with a Sunday school program and want to add a puppet the children can get to know and can learn bible stories from. Children love puppets and remember much of what they see, object lessons are easier and you can dress your puppet to suit the theme of your session.

Puppets can inspire children to eat the right thing or as in our school show we teach positive behaviour and key values and caring for others. They can teach road safety, messages about the environment, animal care or how we can play well, share and get along. Hand puppets make it fun and engaging.

You can use your hand puppet to tell a story, the children will take much interest and even join in with the antics of your hand puppet. One thing we have noted most children love puppets, whether it is an animal puppet, human puppet, a monster puppet, or a fun character puppet we have them all at New Zealand Puppets online store.

Give your New Zealand Puppet a name that the children will connect with, we have animal puppets, boy puppets, girl puppets and even Granddad and Grandma puppets.

You may want to start with the smaller hand puppet. Smaller Hand puppets or glove puppets are easy to use and you can often put one finger into the arm to make it wave. Hand puppets can be used by teachers or children. They are also good for developing creative play and confidence in children.

The larger full body puppets are great for sitting on your knee and telling stories or for a sing along they will really engage with the children. The larger full body puppets usually have an arm rod, this gives you the chance to animate the puppet more and make gestures. You can make the puppet cover its eyes, wave or hold its hand up to ask a question.

Check out our range and meet some of the most adorable and fun range of hand puppets in New Zealand. Our large range of NZ puppets are in stock and looking for homes so they can start putting smiles on faces.

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