About Our Product


Our aim is to offer you a high quality puppet that has an easy working mouth movement to deliver the best performance. The puppets we are offering have already proved most popular.

We realise that puppets have many uses and may be for children’s education, church or children’s programs or just to add some fun and creative play to your toy box at home.

There is a real connection from children to puppets who often name their puppet and give it a character of its own. Also they are great for story telling, singing and building confidence. Puppets also make wonderful gifts. We have noticed our grand kids engaging with their puppets for hours.

As each puppet has been handmade they may vary slightly from the picture shown.

Smaller Glove Puppets

These puppets are normally 36 to 38 cm high. There is an opening at the bottom to insert your hand up into their head.

You can also stick your smallest finger or thumb into the arms to make the hands move. They are ideal as a gift or for small groups.

Larger full body puppet

These are normally 64 to 72 cm high. They are the best value for a more professional puppet. They are great looking and have easy mouth manipulation.

They can sit on your knee and can also be used for ventriloquism. These puppets include an arm rod to add more movement and performance ideas with your puppet. This can be attached to either hand, depending on whether you are left or right handed.

Magic Tricks and Kits

All tricks are magically approved by Elgregoe the Magician. Elgregoe has selected tricks that are good quality, easy to perform and have the most impact.

The secret of each trick is revealed when you purchase the trick and then you can fool your friends.

Remember magicians do not reveal their secrets, so keep your secret !