Elgregoes Magic Trick Colouring Book

Elgregoes Magic Trick Colouring Book

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Elgregoes Magic Colouring Book
Custom made for Elgregoe The Magician

This is one of our best selling tricks, easy to perform and amazing to watch.
Flick through the colouring book to show no pictures.
Flick through again to show uncoloured black and white pictures of a magic show.
Flick through again now the pictures are all coloured.
Finally flick through to show all the pictures have completely vanished – Now that’s magic

Comes with a 25cm rising magic wand which will magically rise up in your hand.
Can also be waved over the book as a normal wand to make the magic happen.

Recommended for ages 5 to 105
(Book is 24cm high and 18cm wide.)