Elgregoe's 4-Trick Magic Starter Kit

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Magically endorsed by Elgregoe The Magician.

1)The secret box
You can make anything appear or vanish that fits into the drawer of the box.
2) Mini Magic colouring book (17cm high,12cm wide)
Flick through the book to show no pictures, then flick through to show pictures appear, and then flick through to show all the pictures have turned coloured.
Lastly you can make all the pictures vanish again, it is a great illusion.
3) Ball and Vase
A red ball is removed from a vase and placed in your pocket only to reappear back in the vase. Then it goes from the vase back to your pocket.
4) Rising wand
This 25cm wand will magically rise up in your hand.

*All 4 tricks are self working and easy to do.
Suitable for all folk 5 to 105 (Even grandparents like to fool the grandkids)
Tricks come in a carry box.

Put these 4 tricks together to fool your friends with your
own magic show.

Note: Some of the tricks pictured may vary in colour and design