Elgregoe's 4-Trick Magic Card Kit

Elgregoe's 4-Trick Magic Card Kit

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Magically endorsed by Elgregoe The Magician.

1) The Miracle Deck
Truly looks like a miracle, cards are shown different, a card is selected then placed back in the deck.
Chosen card jumps to the top of the deck, then every card in the deck changes to the chosen card.
2) Vanishing cards and case
A deck of cards disappears into thin air when placed into the card deck holder.
3) Prediction cards
You ask someone to select one of the 4 queens, you remove 4 cards from your prediction envelope.
The one they named is the only one face up, not only that, it is the only card with a different coloured back.
4) Appearing Cards drawer box
You open the drawer to show it empty.
Close the drawer, wave your wand then on opening it you have a full pack of cards. This will hold the miracle deck provided.

Put these 4 tricks together to fool your friends with an amazing show of card magic.
Tricks come in a carry box.
Recommended for 8 years and over.

Note: Some of the tricks pictured may vary in colour and design